Looking for a Plastic Surgeon? Dr. Kelly Sullivan can help

In a world where plastic surgery becomes more and more common, the task of finding the appropriate doctor is often overwhelming. Endless advertisements across the web and public media present attractive results, while the risks are well hidden. The greatest problem patients are facing is that there are enough physicians who perform cosmetic procedures without the necessary skills, knowledge or experience. So when it comes to choosing a surgeon board-certification should be one of the first things to consider.

Who is Dr. Kelly Sullivan

Kelly Sullivan is a board certified plastic surgeon since 2004. After graduating the Harvard Medical School in 1997 she moved to Atlanta for her General Surgery Residence after which she completed a three years Plastic Surgery Fellowship at Emory University. In 2003 she opened a Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Practice in Annapolis together with her husband Dr. Justin L. Cashman, an orthopedic surgeon from Northern Virginia.

Kelly is devoted to her job, as she admits she always wanted to become a doctor. In 2004 after receiving her board certification she became a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons. Despite being the mother of three she still finds time to work at the Anne Arundel Medical Center and to work as a volunteer with plastic surgery residence at the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.

In her practice in Annapolis she likes spending time with her patients, discussing their problems and needs and creating safe medical and surgical plans. She handles different cases, more precisely:

  • cancer reconstruction
  • breast surgery
  • body countering
  • facial surgery

Kelly believes being a plastic surgeon is an honor and privilege and she is highly interested in maintaining her board certification through continuing medical education and case evaluations. In her opinion the greatest purpose of the American Board of Plastic Surgery is to create guidelines to keep patients safe.

The health and well-being of patients should be every surgeon’s main concern but in order to accomplish that they have to know how, why and when to operate. Patients are therefore advised to avoid doctors more interested in monetary benefits than the health of their patients and to trust only skilled and ethical plastic surgeons like Kelly Sullivan.