Combined Plastic Surgery: harmonious and efficient

When it gets to plastic surgery patients have two major concerns: the safety of the procedure and the natural appearance of the results. Unfortunately when we age, different parts of our body are affected simultaneously. Performing only one surgery might lead to unharmonious results, especially in facial operations. Fortunately there is a simple solution available: combined plastic surgery.

As patients often wish to renew their entire look and not just to correct one particular problem, surgeons have been combining rejuvenation surgical procedures for several years now. For example eyelid surgery can successfully be combined with facelift or other procedures. There are several reasons why patients should consider such options:

  • It can be performed safely
  • The results will appear more natural
  • Patients have to go through recovery only once

Of course when larger operations have to be performed on the body, a preoperative screening should always be performed. Patients should also make sure the surgeon they are trusting has proper credentials and enough experience to guaranty satisfying results.