A Day in the Life of a Board certified Plastic Surgeon

When looking for plastic surgeons patients are usually interested in his training, skills, professional results or board certification. They often forget that besides being surgeons they are also human beings, and maybe taking a look at their everyday life can offer just as many clues about their commitment and dedication than any other certificate or written evidence. So here is how a day in the life of a board certified plastic surgeon looks like.

A day dedicated to patients

Frequently my day will start making rounds on my patients in the hospital-explains Dr. Amy Wandel. My patient population encompasses most of what a board certified plastic surgeon is trained to treat. So, in any given week I may have patients with:

  • pressure sores
  • traumatic injuries
  • breast cancer after reconstruction

Patients with pressure sores present a very unique set of challenges- how do you reconstruct a large hole in some one’s buttock area so that they can return to normal activity? I offer my patients the full gamut of breast reconstruction from implants to free flaps. These cases are very rewarding for me because I am helping a woman return to normal after facing cancer, her own mortality and a devastating operation. My preference is to tailor the reconstruction to the patient, her desires, her physical condition and her lifestyle.

Then I return to the office where I again see a very wide variety of patient problems like:

  • skin cancer
  • facelifts
  • body contouring
  • hand reconstruction

This amazing variety of patient problems is what drew me to plastic surgery and it is my ability to successfully treat all of these problems that sets me apart from non-board certified surgeons. Board certification means that I have the training and the skills to treat the most complex reconstructive problems and also offer facial and body rejuvenation procedures.

Today, I saw a patient that had her nose reconstructed after a dog attacked her. When I took off all her bandages and held the mirror up for her to see she started crying. I thought ‘Oh no, she is not happy’. Then she turns to me and gives me a big hug and exclaims: “I look better than I did with my old nose- THANK YOU THANK YOU”! This is why I am a board certified plastic surgeon.