Looking for a plastic surgeon? Choose an ABPS certified specialist!

One of the potentially most confusing things for the patient considering plastic surgery, particularly for elective cosmetic surgery, is “How Do I Know that My Surgeon is Qualified?” There are many different means of answering that question but the FIRST place to start is looking for Board Certification. Unfortunately, even this can be confusing to the patient so I will present a few salient points for the potential patient to consider.

What should I consider?

The most important elements patients should consider when looking for a plastic surgeon are the followings:

  1. Board Certification: This means that the doctor has been trained in an approved American College of Surgeons residency, has completed all the required training,and has passed a rigorous examination testing.
  2. American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS): This is the only board recognized by the American College of Surgeons that qualifies a surgeon to be a plastic surgeon.
  3. Other boards: There are other boards with names such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery and others but the only four words that a patient has to remember is AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY. Many of these other boards were “invented” as a means to give want-to-be plastic surgeons some form of self-proclaimed credentialing.

Another problem patients are often concerned about is: “If my surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery what does that guarantee me?” Unfortunately the only thing that it guarantees is that the surgeon has fulfilled all of the training and examination requirements. It does not require a perfect result. Yet this is the closest patients can get to an optimum outcome.

So when choosing your plastic surgeon do not forget to ask him about what exact board is he certified by and if you can see his diploma. In case you have further doubts or you need more information you can check the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s website. Dr. Carl Manstein is also happy to offer you any further advise or consultation in case of cosmetic surgery procedures in his Huntingdon Valley practice.