Why should you contact a board certified plastic surgeon

Board certification is a process during which a doctor, nurse or even a pharmacist from the United States proves through different testing systems that he or she has the knowledge and skills which define a particular area of medical expertise. Being board certified became an important detail in the last 50 years as medical services were becoming more professional.

Board certification can be obtained in different specialties. Dr. James Carraway for example became board certified in surgery in 1972 and board certified in plastic surgery in 1974. The purpose of the entire process is to become an official member of the group of plastic surgeons in the country and by doing so to have the recognition and professional support of fellow doctors.

Why do I need a board certified plastic surgeon?

Unfortunately there are doctors worldwide who are not qualified for particular areas of medicine but still practice it. Plastic surgeons are not an exception. Therefore all patients are advised to treat this issue with serious consideration. Before choosing a particular doctor for their plastic surgery or other medical procedures they should always ask whether the person is board certified or not. Certified medical personnel are recommended for several reasons:

  • They have a certain level of knowledge and skills proven through a national test
  • They usually set their standards as high as possible
  • They ar in contact with the best doctors in the country and can ask for advices if┬ánecessary
  • They participate to different meetings and therefore have access to the newest information and technology

Although more sophisticated patients always search for board certified surgeons, all patients should care enough for their own health and safety to prefer trustworthy, generally recognized specialists. Questions should always be asked before it is too late and once they have the answers patients can decide whether to proceed with a surgery or not.