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Fat Injection

Fat injection is the transfer of fat from one part of your body to another. A doctor must carefully harvest fat cells that are then injected to firm, fill out or plump up other body part like lips, cheeks or buttocks. Fat injection is also used in breast augmentation techniques, as an alternative for breast implants or traditional lifts.

Fat injection pictures allow prospective patients to "preview" their own potential results. By reviewing various pictures, potential candidates can see proof of the longevity of this particular treatment. Fat injection pictures taken over a number of years show the patients retaining the effects of treatment. Fat injection pictures also help patients visualize the youthful look that can be achieved using this procedure.

Fat injection pictures should use subjects wearing little or no makeup. Using similar angles and lighting for pictures taken before and after the procedure, will also help focus on changes resulting from treatment. Fat injection pictures taken by a number of patients using the same doctor will indicate a certain style. Prospective clients should ask to see fat injection pictures of as many of a physician's former patients as possible. The more fat injection pictures a potential patient sees, the easier it will be to make an informed decision about his own treatment.


Doctors performing Fat Injection

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