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Forehead Lift

Forehead lifts can show dramatic results as patients' looks are transformed by the procedure. The subjects of forehead lift often have a worried or tired look that is corrected by this treatment. Doctors use forehead lift pictures to help prospective patients form realistic expectations for their own treatments; in some cases, pictures show great improvement, but not a total elimination of worry lines or wrinkling.

How is the procedure performed?

One of the most common procedures for men and women who wish to look younger is a forehead lift, also called a brow lift. Most patients who request a forehead lift are seeking to address a very specific problem, such as drooping or sagging eyebrows. Forehead lifts can also be used to smooth wrinkles and creases and to reduce the "creping" appearance of the skin.

A number of different forehead lift techniques can be used, depending upon the problem addressed and the desired outcome. Advances such as endoscopic forehead lifts and feather lifts have shortened the required recovery time and reduced the invasiveness of the surgery. Some of the most common forehead lift procedures currently performed include:

  • endoscopic technique: it consists in 3-6 incisions behind the hairline. It is often used in younger individuals who do not need much rejuvenation from a forehead lift
  • endoscopic technique with suture suspension: this procedure is the same as the above technique but uses internal, permanent suture material to suspend the muscles and create the forehead lift, either by sewing through the muscle or muscle fascia or suspending it from a surgical "barb"
  • full coronal technique: full long incision is utilized on the temple from one side to the other. Permanent numbness and hair loss is usually an issue for many people, making this type of forehead lift less popular
  • subcutaneous forehead lift technique: this technique is done in front of the hair line. Some surgeons performing this forehead lift report a more slanted incision rather than a direct surface to fascia or other incision. This technique leaves a visible scar.
  • temporal forehead lift: also known as a lateral brow lift, where two incisions are made above the temple to lift the brows and forehead, laterally. This procedure can create an exotic outer arched brow look that can be very subtle and desirable. This forehead lift procedure is not performed by all surgeons.

Depending upon the type of forehead lift procedure you select, you may have to stay overnight in the hospital, and the recovery time may vary greatly between the different techniques. The best way to learn more about the various procedures, and to determine if you are a good candidate for a forehead lift, is to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.


Doctors performing Forehead Lift

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