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Lip Augmentation

As with everything on your body, your lips can become less youthful in appearance as time passes. Your lips are the driest, most delicate part of your face and therefore require the utmost care. From lip enhancing lip balms to lip plumpers, there are now several different options available for both men and women who want their lips to reflect how they feel—not how old they are. Lip augmentation uses a variety of materials to create fuller-looking lips or to reduce wrinkles in the mouth area.

Why do lips change?

As time progresses, lips tend to lose collagen, that can result in thin lips accompanied by fine lines and wrinkles surrounding the mouth. Also, lips have less of an outer layer than other parts of the body and because of this tend to lose oil and water easily, which causes them to thin.

Age isn’t the only factor that causes lips to lose their youthfulness. There are several factors that affect the appearance of your lips, including:

  • Sun Exposure
  • Pollution
  • Genetics
  • Smoking

There are several new products and treatments available for those who want to maintain the vitality of their lips while enhancing their pout. Many companies are now providing products that are able to hydrate your lips while plumping them for the night.

Lips can be cared for and enhanced by using any of the following products:

  • Lipsticks and glosses with moisturizer
  • Lip balms with natural ingredients like macadamia oil
  • Lip treatments that will protect your mouth from the sun while revitalizing with oils, waxes and sugar

With so many advances being made in the cosmetic world it’s easy to find a product that will help restore and plump your lips. However, these products typically won’t give lasting results. Nowadays it’s easy to achieve plump lips with a variety of cosmetic procedures such as dermal fillers and implants.

How is lip augmentation performed?

Temporary solutions for lip augmentation are achieved through collagen and fat injections, both requiring repeated treatments to maintain lip augmentation, as the materials are readily absorbed into the body. Collagen used in lip augmentation generally lasts 3-4 months, and while fat injections last slightly longer, a lip augmentation using fat injections can be more unpredictable, resulting in lumping and scarring.

Other lip augmentation solutions involve the use of implants, either entirely synthetic materials, or lip augmentation inserts using some amount of donated skin. Unlike the non-surgical, injection based systems of lip augmentation, the inserts require about one week for recovery. However allergies to the lip augmentation inserts have been known to occur.

A permanent, low-risk solution for lip augmentation involves the use of Gore-Tex material, that the human body seems to tolerate well, but lip augmentation by these means may not be the best idea for someone who is only experimenting with lip augmentation. Someone in that position may prefer to start out with collagen.

A new injectable product is available for lip enlargement and the filling of folds and lines. Consisting of calcium hydroxlapatite suspended in a polysaccharide gel, Radiance is very similar to a tissue that occurs naturally in the teeth and bones.


Doctors performing Lip Augmentation

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