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The persisting popularity of low-rise jeans and midriff tops led to an enormous increase in the number of requests for umbilicoplasty, or bellybutton revision surgery, in the past few years. Most of the patients who undergo an umbilicoplasty are women but men also use the procedure to sculpt a more aesthetically pleasing bellybutton. The procedure can be performed at the same time as a tummy tuck or other cosmetic procedure, and is sometimes done in conjunction with hernia repair.

What do patients expect

Umbilicoplasty can turn almost any shape or size of bellybutton into almost any other shape/size. In most of the cases, patients are attempting to create a more youthful looking bellybutton, hoping that the procedure will correct the bellybutton they were born with, or one that has changed due to weight gain/loss, or pregnancy.

In most umbilicoplasty cases, the patient wants to correct a protruding bellybutton, or turn their "outtie" into an "innie". Desired results are usually a vertical bellybutton or one that is T-shaped, with a tiny flap of skin overhanging the belly button.

How is the procedure performed

An umbilicoplasty usually requires only local anesthesia, if it is the only procedure being performed. In some cases patient may receive a sedative via an intravenous drip. Surgeons can perform the procedure in their offices or in a surgical center, and the entire process takes between 30 and 90 minutes from start to finish.

The plastic surgeon performing the umbilicoplasty hides the scar inside of the navel. There is little if any swelling, bruising or discomfort, and results are immediately visible. Patients may return to work or other daily activities the same day. The sutures are usually dissolvable, eliminating the need to return to the doctor to have stitches removed. Most results will be permanent, barring pregnancy or significant weight gain following the surgery.

Patients who have umbilicoplasty make what may seem like a very minor change to most people, but this small change can create a greater sense of poise and pride in appearance. The procedure is safe, quick, inexpensive, and provides immediate results with a very low risk for complications or side effects.


Doctors performing Umbilicoplasty

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