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Vidalia, GA

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The Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery - Vidalia

5361 Reynolds Street,
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Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery is an often difficult decision. When deciding to have plastic surgery, it is important for patients to fully understand their options so they can make the best decision possible. At the Georgia Institute for Plastic Surgery, the doctors provide their patients with the information they need to make educated choices. From first consultation to post-operative care, each patient receives the highest level of care.

Dr. David H. Smith has been a practicing plastic surgeon for nearly three decades and is an active member of numerous professional societies.

The Facility

Independently certified to meet rigorous hospital standards, the institute’s state-of-the-art surgical facility is equipped to accommodate most surgical procedures. For the comfort and safety of each patient, the institute offers a 23-hour unit staffed with highly skilled surgical nurses. Also, because the doctors value patient confidentiality, the institute has several private entrances and exits leading to and from the pre- and post-operative reception areas.

The facility is located in Savannah, but the institute has satellite offices in the following areas: Bluffton/Hilton Head, Statesboro, Effingham, and Vidalia.




The Georgia Institute of Plastic Surgery

5361 Reynolds Street

Savannah, GA 31405

Phone Number: 1 (866) 370-7704


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