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Meet Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Earl H. Parrish, M.D.

Dr. Earl H. Parrish of Medford Oregon is board certified in both plastic surgery and general surgery, an example of his dedication to excellence in medicine. He takes pride in the personalized treatment plans he develops for his patients; delivering privacy, safety and exceptional plastic surgery care.

Dr. Parrish's surgical expertise in plastic surgery procedures are available to women and men. Individuals interested in facial rejuvenation seek out Dr. Parrish for complimentary consultations about anti-aging skincare, face lift techniques, and chemical and laser skin resurfacing. In fact, his new SCITON fractional laser leverages results for people that are concerned about photo-aging, pigmentation, age spots, rosacea, facial and body hair.

Medford plastic surgeon Dr. Parrish is also highly skilled in the endoscopic approach to facelift procedures, which allow individuals to benefit from less invasive treatment while maintaining long term results. The brow lift, eye lid surgery, mid face lift and nose surgery are also popular procedures at Dr. Earl Parrish's office. It is not uncommon for individuals interested in facial rejuvenation to continue to see Dr. Parrish for exclusive facials, dermapeels, glycolic acid peels, BOTOX Cosmetic, and Restylane for adjuncts to treatment.

Dr. Parrish has a track record of achievement in body contouring procedures to create enhancements for the breasts, abdomen, thighs and arms. Individuals interested in liposuction select Dr. Parrish for his delicacy in technique and refined skills. People interested in tightening abdominal skin and muscles following pregnancy, massive weight loss or aging consult with Dr. Parrish because of his keen eye for precision in the tummy tuck procedure.

In fact, Dr. Earl Parrish offers some of the latest technology available to reduce trauma and enhance healing in plastic surgery. The endoscope Dr. Parrish uses provides a less invasive approach to plastic surgery treatment. While the laser offered at his practice is equipped with the latest advantages to optimize facial rejuvenation treatment.

Dr. Parrish is committed to research about advanced plastic surgery treatment both in the U.S and abroad. Formerly, Dr. Parrish was Chairman of the International Programs Committee of the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation. He is also an active member of numerous leading plastic surgery organizations.

Cosmetic plastic surgeon Earl H. Parrish, M.D. and his staff want to make you feel comfortable and will assist you at any time throughout your decision for plastic surgery treatment. Dr. Parrish invites you to consult with him for personalized advice about plastic surgery treatments. He will walk you through every aspect of treatment at his state of the art facility, including: treatment plan development, pre-operative planning, outpatient treatment, inpatient surgical care, and post operative care.

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