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Meet Dr. AndreasenDr. Troy J. Andreasen is a renowned board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in the field of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. His active involvement in missionary services as well as his commitment to excellence has earned Dr. Andreasen the reputation as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the Riverside area. Dr. Andreasens specific interests lie in cosmetic surgery of the face and body as well as breast reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Troy J. Andreasen was a successful amateur boxer in Salt Lake City, Utah when he became interested in the field of cosmetic surgery through an acquaintance. Through this friendship, Dr. Andreasens interest magnified and he went on to complete medical school at the University of Utah after his two-year religious missionary service. During medical school, Dr. Andreasen developed microsurgical skills and techniques from a well-known hand surgeon and was awarded the highest achievement from his alma mater. He went on to establish himself as one of the premier plastic surgery residents at Loma Linda University.

Dr. Andreasen was picked to be one of the first medical school graduate students in the nation to receive training in a combined General Surgery/Plastic Surgery residency program that had an emphasis in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. There, Dr. Andreasen developed the advanced skills and artistry to become the successful plastic surgeon he is today. Currently, Dr. Andreasen is the chief of the Loma Linda Good Samaritan Plastic Surgery efforts in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where his team provides reconstructive surgery to children who have no access to these services. Dr. Andreasen is highly trained in cleft lip and palate repair as well as burn surgery repair, which makes him a valuable asset to missionary work.

Dr. Andreasen and his expert staff strive to provide the highest quality medical care and personal attention to ensure complete patient satisfaction. Dr. Andreasen is dedicated to treating each and every patient individually from the initial consultation to post-operative recovery. We aim to educate you about the cosmetic possibilities we offer and emphasize safety so you can make the right plastic surgery choice for you. With Dr. Andreasens extensive experience in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and his meticulous attention to detail, you can feel secure knowing you are in trained hands.





Dr. Troy J. Andreasen
3333 Concours Street, Building #3
Ontario, CA 91764


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